Sunday, October 29, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 29

1936 Planes dropped flyers over Baghdad demanding PM Yasin Hashemi’s
resignation as troops marched on capital in coup
1936 PM Hashemi asked for King Ghazi’s support When didn't get it offered his
1936 Parliament building bombed in coup
1936 Def Min Askari was assassinated by Gen Bakr Sidqi coup plotters
1990 UN Security Council said overtures to Iraq had failed and talked about
            alternatives but came up with nothing
1990 Bush said US wouldn’t rule out use of force against Iraq for Kuwait invasion
1997 Tariq Aziz said no Americans would be allowed as inspectors accusing them of being
1997 IAEA suspended all its work in Iraq
2003 Bush said he supported Bremer’s plan for Iraq but that it could be speeded up
2004 CIA report said that Iraqi elections would likely lead to opposition from Sunni
Arab govts
2004 1st Lancet report on Iraqi casualties claims 100,000 Iraqi civilians died since
            invasion mostly due to Coalition
2004 1st Lancet gained huge publicity but is mostly discredited by experts
2004 Al Qaeda in Iraq beheaded Japanese civilian Shosei Koda
2004 Report US forces reached Al Qaqaa nuclear site during 03 invasion then left and
            site looted of high grade explosives
2015 VP Maliki said PM Abadi removing Vice Presidents was illegal 

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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 21 Coalition Provisional Authority created to run post-war Iraq

  1802 Wahabi army from Arabia sacked Karbala 2,000-5,000 killed