Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Iraqi Forces Finish Hawija Now On To Western Anbar Again

The Hawija operation has officially ended. The Iraqi forces are now gearing up to return to west Anbar. The preparations are already underway to liberate the last area of Iraq under Islamic State control.

General Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah the commander in Hawija announced the operation over on October 10. During the fighting, approximately 150 villages were freed, and 385 IS fighters killed. Over 1,000 also surrendered to the Kurds during the end of the campaign. According to the New York Times, the wali of Hawija told his men to give themselves up to the Peshmerga instead of falling into the hands of the Hashd. During their retreat the insurgents set 15 oil wells on fire, which crews were attempting to gain control over. Since Mosul, the Islamic State has been collapsing. It has hardly put up a fight, has quickly given up ground, and hundreds have given themselves up rather than fight to the death as they once did. For months now Iraqi commanders have called IS a broken force. That has finally come true.

The Iraqi forces are turning their attention back to the west now. They are planning on attacking Qaim along the Syrian border and skipping Rawa to cut off IS’s supply lines and retreat route. There are increased air strikes and shelling going on to soften up the defenses before the joint forces began moving again. The west Anbar operation started before Hawija, but was then put on hold for the latter. The Iraqi command was hoping to conduct both simultaneously, but that might have proven beyond their capabilities. There may not be as many IS in the area as expected either as there are increased reports that insurgents are moving into the Anbar desert.


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May Allah give us strength to defeat our enemies. Good over evil!

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