Monday, October 30, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 30

1918 British forces took Shirqat from Ottomans
1918 Armistice of Mudros signed between British and Ottomans 6th Army
            surrendered to British Ended WWI in Mesopotamia
1918 British officials in Baghdad told London to create central council of chiefs of
            Southern Kurdistan
1936 PM Yasin al-Hashimi became 1st Iraqi premier overthrown in a coup King Ghazi
            supported his removal
1936 Hikmat Sulaiman became premier of Iraq leading to 1st govt with pan-Arabists
            out of power
1936 Sulaiman govt banished former PM Hashimi, Rashid al-Gaylani and Nuri al-Said
1980 Saddam predicted Iran-Iraq War would only last 6-12 months
1990 NatlSecAdv Scowcroft said US policy at fork in road Could continue defense or
            go on offense against Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait
1990 Joint Chiefs head Gen Powell said Gen Schwarzkopf asked for troops for
            offensive operations against Iraq in Kuwait
1990 Def Sec Cheney said offensive action against Iraq should be on the table
1990 Bush decided to double number of US troops in Saudi Arabia
1997 Tariq Aziz claimed surveillance planes used by inspectors were working for US
            intelligence Threatened to shoot them down
2002 Cheney told head UN Inspector Blix that inspections couldn't last forever and US
            was ready to discredit them anyway to disarm Iraq
2003 Cheney said Iraq had WMD
2003 Dep Sec of Def Wolfowitz said because US had missed so much of Iraq’s WMD
            program in 1991 it might have exaggerated them in 2003
2003 Report White House pushing Pentagon to speed up training of Iraqi forces
2005 Spec Insp Gen for Iraq Recon report said US had no policy for staffing
            reconstruction of Iraq
2005 Spec Insp Gen for Iraq Recon said lack of planning by US plagued reconstruction
2005 Report Italian press believed SISMI intel agency forged docs claiming Iraq-Niger
            uranium deal and shared them with US and UK
2005 Report PUK building dozens of houses in Kirkuk City and moving Kurds in Said
            to reverse Saddam’s Arbization program
2006 Militias kill 17 Sunni police near British run training center in Basra
2006 SecState Rice aide told her little chance for US success in Iraq Another said
            Iraq heading towards genocidal violence
2006 SecState Rice talked about giving up reconciliation in Iraq with aides and
            just worrying about stability
2015 PM Abadi went to Dawa meeting to answer critics of his reforms

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