Sunday, October 8, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 8

1948 Export-import licenses for Jewish businesses forbidden after creation of
1983 France secretly began delivering 5 Super Entendard fighter bombers to Iraq
1984 Iraq broke 3 week ceasefire in Tanker War with attack upon ship leaving Iran’s
            Kharg Island main oil facility
1986 U.N. Res 588 said Iran and Iraq should follow Res 582 to resolve Iran-Iraq
1986 Iran rejected UN Res 588 because didn’t blame Iraq for starting Iran-Iraq War
1994 US France UK deployed troops to Persian Gulf in response to Saddam putting
            troops on Kuwait border
1994 President of UN Security Council demanded that Iraq withdraw its troops from
            Kuwait border
1994 SCIRI asked international community to give it control of sections of
            southern Iraq
1997 IAEA Iraq started centrifuge program in 1987 but was way behind schedule Iraq
            might have had a bomb by 96
1997 UK said that Iraq smuggling oil through Iran violating UN sanctions
2002 White House posted pictures claiming to be Iraq working on three facilities for
            nuclear weapons program
2003 Bush US went to war with Iraq to deal with future threats with WMD and ties
            to terrorism Said found Iraq’s WMD programs
2004 Rice said Iraq Survey Group proved Iraq wanted WMD and therefore was a threat
2004 Family of British hostage Ken Bigley said he had been killed by insurgents
2004 Iraq Survey Group report said Iraq issued 1300 oil vouchers under Oil For Food
            Program that netted $11 bil in illegal funds 1990-03
2004 Iraq Survey Group report said Russian oil companies Lukoil Gazprom
            Zarbuezhneft Sibneft Rosneft Tatneft got 30 % of oil vouchers

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