Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 10

1922 Anglo-Iraq Treaty signed Opposed by opposition who were anti-British
1941 Nuri al-Said became Iraq’s premier 3rd time
1961 Qasim govt ended ground offensive to put down Mustafa Barzani’s Kurdish revolt
1982 Iran made 2nd attack on Diyala Entered Mandali but forced out Aim was
            reaching Baghdad
1982 Iranian offensive recaptured 80 sq mi of Iranian territory from Iraqis
1984 Tariq Aziz complained that Western Europe was still sending military equipment
            to Iran despite US efforts to stop them
1986 Iran carried out commando raid on pipeline near Kirkuk
1994 Clinton decided to continue Bush’s policy of undermining Saddam
2002 UK intel report said that Iraq would only launch terrorism if attacked by US
            and couldn't use WMD outside its territory
2002 UK intel report said no cooperation between Iraq and Al Qaeda and attack on Iraq
            would lead to more terrorism and radicalization
2002 UK intel rejection of Iraq-Al Qaeda ties leaked to press
2002 US House of Representatives approved use of force resolution against Iraq
2003 Sadr announces his own shadow govt
2003 Sadrist funeral in Sadr City turned into anti-US demonstration of 10,000
2003 Cheney cited Iraq Survey Group report to claim that Iraq in material breach
            of UN resolutions and had WMD programs
2003 Cheney Iraq had a relationship with Al Qaeda and trained Al Qaeda in poisons
            and bomb making
2003 Cheney if Saddam still in power he would be training terrorists and producing
2003 Powell said overwhelming evidence that Iraq violated UN resolutions about its
            WMD program
2003 Iraqi diplomat that went to Niger said his trip was about trade and breaking
            sanctions not buying uranium for nuke program

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