Thursday, October 26, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 26

1952 Students led by Communists went on strike at Baghdad’s College of
            Pharmacy against govt
1978 Pres Assad visited Iraq to sign National Charter of Joint Action to counter
            Israel-Egypt peace treaty
1980 Iraq fired missiles at Dezful, Iran for 2nd day
1980 Most of the Iranian forces driven out of Khorramshahr, Iran by Iraqi army
1980 Soviet news agency accused Iraq of aligning with US in Iran-Iraq War
1980 Iran objected to Iraq abrogating 1975 Algiers Agreement in letter to U.N. Said
            Iran still following it Iraq broke it
1984 Tariq Aziz told Sec of State Shultz Iraq ready to resume full diplomatic relations
            with US after 17 yr break
1989 Sec of State Baker memo said that ties with Iraq important to shape Middle
            East politics
2001 After anthrax letters sent to Wash DC ABC reported anthrax trademark of Iraq’s
            WMD program
2001 Czech Interior Ministry told press 9/11 hijacker Atta met Iraqi intel officer
            in Prague
2003 Baghdad’s Rashid Hotel hit by rocket while Dep Sec of Def Wolfowitz staying
            there 1 US soldier killed 18 wounded
2003 US military said were not many foreign fighters in Baghdad
2004 PM Allawi blamed US for deaths of 49 army recruits killed in Diyala by Zarqawi
2005 Report CIA review said Zarqawi visited Baghdad May 02 but probably didn’t
            have protection of Iraqi govt
2005 CIA review of Zarqawi’s 02 trip to Baghdad based upon interviews with Saddam
            era Iraqi officials
2005 Bush admin originally claimed Zarqawi was given safe haven by Saddam and
            said sign of Iraq-Al Qaeda cooperation
2008 US Special Forces raided ISI camp in Syria used to ferry foreign fighters into Iraq
            captured huge amount of documents

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