Thursday, October 5, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 5

1915 6th Army created by Ottomans under command of German Gen von der Goltz
            to defend Mesopotamia from British
1974 Kurdish parliament appointed by Baghdad took office
1975 Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz went to Damascus to discuss uniting Iraq and Syria
1980 Iraq ended unilateral ceasefire in Iran-Iraq War after Iran didn’t follow suite and
            went back to fighting
1982 UN called for ceasefire Iraq accepted Iran rejected
1985 Iraq ended air strikes on Kharg Island Iran’s main oil terminal Hit 21 times but
            no lasting damage
2000 During VP debate Cheney said US might have to take military action to remove
            Saddam in future
2002 CIA Dir Tenet told White House to remove Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger
            from Bush speech Said intel was weak
2002 Knight Ridder article quoted several intelligence officers that Bush admin
            ignoring dissenting opinions on aluminum tubes
2004 Bremer said US never had enough troops in Iraq while he was running the CPA
            Said military thought troop levels fine
2005 Parliament changed decision from actual voters back to registered ones for no
            vote on constitution
2005 Suicide bomber hit mosque in Hilla, Babil killing 27 wounding 87
2005 UK official claimed Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah providing EFPs
            to Shiite militias in Basra to attack British troops
2006 US disbanded 8th Natl Police Bgd Arrested commanders for kidnapping 26
            Sunnis killing 7 of them in Baghdad
2006 Sunni leaders told Sec State Rice Iraq breaking apart They were victims of
            sectarian violence & no one protecting them
2006 SCIR head Hakim told Sec State Rice Shiites tried to work with Sunnis but they were
2006 Sec State Rice told Maliki if there was no reconciliation US would leave and
            Maliki would end up being hung

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