Monday, October 2, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 2

1918 UK War Office told commander in Mespotamia to seize as many oil
            producing areas as possible
1981 Iran bombed 4 hydroelectric power plants in Iraq
1989 US NSDD26 said U.S. would try to improve relations with Iraq
1992 UN Res 778 authorized Iraq oil revenues to be deposited in UN controlled bank
            until sanctions lifted
2002 Summary main points Natl Intel Estimate released Said Iraq rebuilding nuke &
            WMD programs
2002 Iraq called UK’s weapons dossier propaganda and lies
2002 Congress passes resolution allowing Bush to use force against Iraq
2002 Bush said that Iraq had WMD stocks rebuilding programs Working on nuclear
2002 NYT article quoted Richard Perle that CIA was anti-INC and they provided best
            intel on Iraq
2002 CIA Dep Dir told Senate British had stretched story that Iraq tried to buy
            uranium from Africa
2003 Iraq Survey Group interim report said found no Iraqi WMD but evidence of
            WMD programs
2003 Iraq Survey Group head Kay said Saddam never gave up ambitions to have
2003 Iraq Survey Group head Kay said that Iraq’s WMD stocks looked like they were
            destroyed in 1990s
2003 Iraq Survey Group head Kay said secret WMD programs were hidden in Iraqi
            intelligence services for assassinations
2003 Iraq Survey Group head Kay said Iraq had produced banned missile types
2003 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Sanchez said insurgency had evolved and gotten more deadly
2003 NatSecAdv Rice created Iraq Stabilization Group to help run postwar Iraq
            without consulting with rest of govt
2003 Bush had given Pentagon control of postwar Iraq so NSC’s Iraq Stabilization
            Group had no authority
2004 Bush said Zarqawi travelled to Iraq before 03 invasion Killed USAID official
            Foley in Jordan
2004 Bush said Iraq was a threat because it had WMD and was connected to terrorist
            networks like Zarqawi’s
2005 Parliament ruled no vote on constitution would be based upon actual voters not
            registered ones to diminish Sunni ballots against document
2005 Sunni politicians complained that change in how votes counted would make it
            harder to reject draft constitution
2005 CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Abizaid told Congress he was optimistic about Iraq war
2005 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Casey told Congress 1/3 of 119 Iraqi army battalions could
            operate with some US aid
2005 Pres Talabani asked PM Jaafari to step down Complained Shiites were
            dominating govt
2005 Pres Tabalani accued United Iraqi Alliance of not giving Kurds govt positions
            neglecting ministries run by Kurds not dealing with Kirkuk
2007 NatlSecAdv Rubaie told SecState Rice US had to tell Sunni politicians they
            couldn’t play politics & violence at same time
2007 NatlSec Adv Rubaie told SecState Rice Maliki would take care of Sadr and
            Mahdi Army
2015 Protests in Baghdad Babil Karbala Najaf Qadisiyah Muthanna Dhi Qar Wasit
            Maysan Basra Diyala demanding reform


Anonymous said...

What's up, every time i used to check website posts here
early in the break of day, as i enjoy to find out more and more.

Joel Wing said...


Ibrahim Umar said...

Incredible history! That 2002 revelation by the New York Times really surprised me then but the point is that the CIA has always been like that. Richard look the bull by the horn.

Joel Wing said...

The CIA didn't like the INC after a fallout with them in the 90s. At the same time, all of its defectors proved wrong about Iraq.

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