Saturday, October 7, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 7

1959 Baathists made failed assassination attempt on Pres. Qasim wounding him Saddam
            fled to Syria & Egypt as a result
1973 Iraq nationalized shares of US oil company & Shell in retaliation for west support
            for Israel in 1973 Arab-Israeli War
1982 During Op Muslim ibn Aqil Iranian forces reached Mandali, Diyala but stopped
            from further advances
1983 US report Iran was turning tide in Iran-Iraq War and US already starting to tilt
            towards Iraq
1991 Peshmerga executed 60 Iraqi soldiers captured in Sulaymaniya
1998 Congress passed Iraq Liberation Act saying policy was to remove Saddam
            Opened up money to Iraq opposition
2001 bin Laden video said he was fighting for Iraqis who had suffered under sanctions
2002 Bush speech said Iraq great threat because of WMD and its history of aggression
2002 Bush said if Iraq got enriched uranium it could have a nuclear bomb in less than a
2002 Bush speech claimed Al Qaeda and Iraq united in hatred for U.S. Had
            high level contacts for a decade
2002 Bush claimed Iraq had trained Al Qaeda in bomb making and poisons and Saddam celebrated
2002 CIA blocked Bush talking about Iraq trying to buy uranium from Africa in
2002 Italian contacted journalist about providing her with Iraq-Niger uranium deal
            papers that turned out to be fakes
2002 CIA Dir Tenet letter to Congress said Iraq wouldn’t conduct terrorist or WMD
            attacks upon US unless regime threatened
2002 CIA Dir Tenet letter to Congress said high level contacts between Iraq & Al
            Qaeda & Al Qaeda agents were in Iraq
2002 Intel officials complained to press saying White House claims of Iraq-Al Qaeda ties
2003 Rumsfeld said he knew nothing of NatSecAdv Rice creating Iraq Stabilization
            Group at NSC
2003 Rumsfeld was told about NSC group but wanted to personally be in control of all
            Iraq decisions so opposed Rice’s move
2003 Australian Senate censured PM Howard for not proving his claims Iraq had
            WMD to justify sending troops to Iraq
2003 Turkish parliament okayed PM Erdogan sending Turkish troops to Iraq
            Governing Council opposed idea
2004 Powell said Iraq Survey Group initial report proved Iraq wanted WMD and that
            it was a threat
2004 Blair claimed Iraq Survey Group report proved that Saddam wanted WMD
2004 Sadr offered to disarm Mahdi Army as part of peace deal Wasn’t serious
2004 Al Qaeda in Iraq beheaded British civilian Kenneth Bigley

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