Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 25

1922 Gertrude Bell wrote that King Faisal was trying to create his own party
            but was being played by politicians
1980 Iraq fired missiles at Dezful, Iran
1983 Iran claimed Iraqi troops destroyed Kurdish town of Penjwin
1984 Iranian troops recaptured Mehran, Iran ending Op Dawn 7
2000 Congress authorized increase in support for Iraqi opposition groups to $25 mil
            in 2001 $18 mil would got to INC
2002 VP Cheney met with Russian For Min Told him countries that sided
            with US in war would get preferential treatment in contracts afterward
2003 Iraqi prisoners were stripped, handcuffed and piled in pyramid on top of
            each other by US jailers in Abu Ghraib
2004 Report top contracting official at US Army Corps of Engineers questioned
            Halliburton’s no-bid Iraq contracts
2004 Report 380 tons of high grade explosives looted from Al Qaqaa nuclear site
2005 Results of Constitutional referendum announced 79% voted for constitution Anbar
            and Salahaddin overwhelmingly voted no
2005 Death toll for Americans in Iraq reached 2,000 since 03 invasion
2005 Iraq Body Count est 26,690-30,051 Iraqi civilians & police died since 03 invasion
2006 Bush speech Iraq challenge of our time Knew people weren’t happy with Iraq
            war and neither was he
2006 Bush speech said US winning in Iraq Didn't say he thought strategy failing and
            working on new one
2009 ISI bombed Justice & Municipalities Ministries in Baghdad 155 dead 721 wounded Maliki
            blamed Baathists but was ISI

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