Saturday, October 14, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 14

1927 Turkish Petroleum Company struck oil at Baba Gurgur field, Kirkuk starting Iraq's oil industry
1973 3rd day fighting between Israeli and Iraqi forces in Syria
1980 Iraqi forces entered Khorramshahr, Iran Iranians began phased withdrawal from
1990 Iran and Iraq officially restored diplomatic relations as Saddam tried to secure his
            eastern flank as war neared with US
1997 Britain, Turkey, US asked for KDP to withdraw from PUK territory
2001 Frontline TV show interviewed Iraq defector who claimed Iraq training
            terrorists to hijack planes at Salman Pak
2003 White House told Congress 70,000 new Iraqi forces on duty and 13,000 in training
2003 Sadrists tried to seize Karbala shrine leading to fighting with Sistani followers
2003 Zarqawi suicide car bombing of Turkish Embassy in Baghdad 2 dead 13 wounded
2004 Insurgents penetrated Green Zone Baghdad Suicide bombers killed 5 wounded 18
2012 MP announced arrest warrant issued for head of Central Bank of Iraq Shabibi
            after he refused to cooperate with Maliki over the dinar
2014 IS captured Hit, Anbar after Iraq army unit abandoned base
2015 Baiji refinery in Salahaddin finally freed from IS

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