Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 28

1935 UK For Office rejected King Faisal mediating Palestine dispute believing
            he had aspirations over territory
1947 Iraq’s Foreign Minister Jamail told UN that creation of Israel would lead to unrest
            in Middle East
1958 Shah criticized Iraq for refusing to settle navigation down Shatt al-Arab Pres Qasim
            responded by claiming all of waterway for Iraq
1980 Iran launched Operation Morvarid that destroyed 80% of Iraq’s navy in
Iran-Iraq War
2001 UK intel report Iraq not connected to 9/11 not working with Al Qaeda not
            giving WMD to terrorists Said Iraq WMD threat “slight”
2001 Pentagon officials told Time after Afghanistan US would target Iraq as next step
            in war on terror
2005 Dep Human Rights Min Usayran and Gen Samarriae told Knight Ridder Iraqi
            forces torturing and abusing prisoners

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