Thursday, November 16, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 16

1914 British forces attacked Ottomans in Zain, Basra
1918 UK commissioner for Iraq Arnold Wilson wrote that Iraqis were happy with British
1922 PM Gaylani’s second govt resigned
1930 Iraqi parliament ratified new Anglo-Iraq treaty ending British mandate but
            maintained British influence
1961 Mustafa Barzani asked for UN aid to Kurds
1980 Iraq sent letter to the Iran saying Baghdad was still following 1975 Algiers
            Accord on Shatt al-Arab and Tehran was violating it 
2004 Major fighting in 2nd Battle of Fallujah said to be over
2005 Cheney said people that claimed US lied about causes of Iraq war undermined the troops
2005 White House rebutted NYTimes editorial that questioned pre-war WMD argument
            for Iraq war
2005 Sunni MP Falluji accused Iraqi forces of carrying out sectarian extra judicial killings
2006 Rumsfeld asked Gen Casey what was going on with National Police Casey
            said training was doing good but not their performance
2014 IS posted video of execution of American aid worker Peter Kassig

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