Friday, May 27, 2016

ARMY WAR COLLEGE VIDEO: Future of Kurdistan Bob Hervey


Nilus said...

Sorry but I have read plenty of newspapers from the early REpublıc's first decades and also talked to officials in the 60s and 70s about the Kurds. I never heard or saw the expression 'Mountain Turks' even once. A colleague who has done the same, reports the same experience.

A foreign journalist's stale canard.

Joel Wing said...

Some results from Google search of "Mountain Turks"

"The generals who launched the 1980 coup — and who publicly called Kurds as “mountain Turks” — were only Atatürk’s loyal followers."

"The use of Kurdish language was outlawed, the words Kurds and Kurdistan were erased from dictionaries and history books, and the Kurds were only referred to as Mountain Turks."

"The Kurds received especially harsh treatment at the hands of the Turkish government, which tried to deprive them of Kurdish identity by designating them "Mountain Turks," outlawing their language and forbidding them to wear traditional Kurdish costumes in the cities."

"But slow-motion progress in the background has often been overlooked: over the course of 15 years the public debate, backed by small-scale reforms, has evolved from the archaic militarist jargon of "there are no Kurds here, only mountain Turks". "