Monday, November 28, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day 42, Nov 27, 2016

Five not four neighborhoods in eastern Mosul were freed on November 25. That makes a total of 39 areas entered in the city with 19 freed, and 20 still contested.

Progress in Eastern Mosul Neighborhoods
Total Entered: 39
Freed: 19
Still Fighting: 20

On November 27 the Iraqi forces were mostly consolidating their positions, while the Hashd were still busy around Tal Afar. The latter freed two more towns west of Mosul. The Federal Police in the southwest were clearing IEDs. The 9th Division was still fighting over five neighborhoods in eastern Mosul, and the Golden Division several others. The 16th Division in the north was also clearing towns it had liberated.

Martin Chulov of the Guardian talked with people who had returned to Gojali in eastern Mosul. One man said there was no power or water in his home, but he was still trying to push forward. Another person talked about how they were expecting the worse form the Iraqi forces, but they had not acted badly, and now they were accepted. Several small businesses were trying to re-open although supplies were sometimes sparse. At the same time, the neighborhood came under gun and mortar fire while Chulov was there showing that it was not completely safe yet.


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