Friday, April 20, 2012

Iraq’s Baghdad Struck By Sand Storm, April 19, 2012

Summer is almost upon Iraq, and the temperatures are rising. As a sign of the change in season, a sand storm hit the capital Baghdad on April 19, 2012, covering the city in fine reddish dirt. 

A bicyclist rides through the storm in Baghdad, Apr. 19, 2012 (Getty Images)
Two women walk through the dust (Getty Images)
Several bombs went off in the capital on Apr. 19. One of those was on Haifa Street, which was soon enveloped by the sand and dirt (AP)
A traffic cop and vehicles in Baghdad's Karrada district (Reuters)
A man at a stop light in Karrada (Reuters)
A man walks through traffic attempting to sell masks to protect people during the storm (Reuters)
Traffic at Kahramana Square (Reuters)

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