Friday, April 27, 2012

Brick Factory In Nahrawan, Diyala, Iraq

A brick factory in Nawhrawan, Diyala, Mar. 8, 2012 (Reuters)
A new set of bricks has just finished backing, and now workers are taking them out of the oven (Reuters)
The finished bricks are taken by cart to be stacked (Reuters)
Two young girls who work at the factory (Reuters)
More bricks being dropped off (Reuters)

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Anonymous said...

I visited this brick factory in late fall of 2007. The acrid smoke renders the air practically unbreathable. My misfortune was to be there on a windless day. Between near zero visibility and the sulfur filled air, the factory presented a picture that was disturbingly similar to what I had always imagined Hell to look, smell, and feel like. This was rather disturbing for a Soldier based in Baghdad about to assume responsibility for all of the Iraqi Police stations in the province.

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