Friday, June 5, 2015

THEATER OF WAR VIDEO: Patrick Cockburn Rise Of The Isamic State


Michael Di Marco said...

I can why he has so many journalism awards. He puts forth the common narrative "It is Bush's" fault. No mention of the WSJ report of ISIS taking control of Saddam's Chem Warfare plant (what chemical weapons?) or another report of ISIS taking control of a Iraqi university's cache of yellow cake uranium (what WMDs?). Our biggest mistake after the invasion was listening to Rumsfeld apply the same faulty agenda in Iraq as he tried in Viet Nam. Iraq will always be sectarian and have the violence that it goes with (Genesis, Ishmael, God's promise of constant conflict in Ishmael's kingdoms). The only solution is Joe Biden's (can't believe he came up with it though) three state -- as in three states, one united Iraq -- solution. Each state with its sectarian nature, a governor, and its own form of parliamentary government, and equal number of seats in the Iraqi parliament, and rotating positions in the Iraqi President's cabinet. But no external force present now profits from such an arrangement and our government shows no interest in fixing their screw-up.

Joel Wing said...

Much of central and northern Iraq is mixed. That includes many of its largest cities. Partition would be an ugly business only achieved through massive ethnosectarian cleansing. You wouldn't have any more stability after it was over either.