Sunday, June 1, 2014

VIDEO: Pharrell Williams Happy Syrian Refugees At Darshakran Refugee Camp Irbil, Iraq

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Anonymous said...

These are mostly Kurd refugees from Syrian to Iraq, adding now the displacement of Al Anbar citizens who fled their homes and town which recent statistic telling are 800k.

I would ask you and others if AL Qaeda and ISIS Daash and other extremist terrorists whom traveling from around the globe to fight for jihad, if they had all the ability to topple regimes in ME and they devoted their lives for Jihad for Allah why not goes to real Jihad were the Quds were under the occupation of Zionists?
"فيلق جند الله" يهدد بارزاني بالتوقف عن "سرقة" نفط الاقليم
23 شيخاً فلوجياً يعلنون البراءة من المصطفين مع “داعش”

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