Friday, May 23, 2014

SAIS VIDEO: Implications Of The Iraq Elections


bb said...

Very interesting video, Joel. But very strange they didn't wait for a few days and hold it when the results had been announced.

Did the US commentariat show much interest in this election?
v worthwhile interview with Visser btw.

Joel Wing said...

This was one of a number of commentaries with panelists about the Iraqi elections. Besides this there was one on Al Jazeera, one on a British TV station, etc. People didn't have to know the results to discuss the broad dynamics of the elections and Iraqi politics. Unfortunately Iraq is still on the margins of most discussions of the Middle East as other events Egypt, Syria, etc. have overtaken it, and the U.S. no longer has troops there. There are still a committed number of think tanks and analysts still talking about it.

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