Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sons of Iraq Update II

The Abu Aardvark and Roads To Iraq blogs are both reporting on an article by the al-Khaleej newspaper out of the United Arab Emirates that says the Maliki government will set up a committee to discuss disbanding the Sons of Iraq. It goes on to say that Maliki has been criticized for allowing these Sunni units to be formed, and that now that security is improving it’s time to end them. The report also claims that this is part of deal between Maliki and the Sunni Iraqi Accordance Front headed by Vice President Tariq Hashemi to weaken the SOIs before the upcoming provincial elections. The Accordance Front is expected to lose seats to the Anbar Awakening and new parties formed by SOIs and tribes in western and central Iraq. The deal could be a way for the existing powers to hold onto their positions.


Abu Aardvark blog, “Dissolving the Sons of Iraq… ?” 7/3/08

Roads To Iraq blog, “Maliki to disband Awakening Councils,” 7/3/08

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