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Review of Security Situation In Mosul - 2009

In a recent study of security statistics, Iraq Body Count found that Mosul was the most violent city in Iraq in 2009. Mosul, with a population of around 1.8 million people had 735 deaths in 2009, compared to 1,488 deaths in Baghdad that has a population of around 6.5 million. Mosul also had more violent incidents that led to fatalities, 535, than Baghdad, 277. Most of the violence in Mosul in 2009 was made up of assassinations, drive-by shootings, IEDs, and car bombs, and lacked the mass casualty bombings that regularly occurred in Baghdad. 

In terms of trends, the average number of attacks in 2009 was about the same as 2008, while casualties were slightly down. In the first half of 2008 there was an average of 1.89 attacks per day, and 2.45 per day in the second half. That compared to 2.50 attacks per day in the first half of 2009, and 2.19 in the last half. In 2008, average daily attacks slightly increased from January, 1.85, to December, 2.09, while in 2009 they went up and then down. In January 2009 there was an average of 1.67 attacks per day, then 2.43 per day by June, before going down to 1.93 by December. Deaths saw an overall decline from 2008 to 2009, starting at an average of 2.90 per day in the first half of 2008, and then 2.10 per day by the second half of 2009. That was a slight increase from the first half of 2009 however where there was an average of 1.97 per day. The number of wounded saw a more steady decline going from an average of 6.92 per day in the first half of 2008 to 3.59 per day by the second half of 2009. At the very end of the year however, there were the fewest deaths since 2007 with 37 killed in November 2009 and 44 fatalities in December.

Two opposing factors can explain both the decline in violence and its continuation in Mosul. First, the victory of the al-Hadbaa Party in the January 2009 provincial elections ushered in the return to power of Sunnis in the city’s Ninewa province. They gained the cooperation of some of the nationalist insurgent groups in the city and former Baathists. At the same time, Mosul is divided between Arabs and Kurds, which gives Al Qaeda in Iraq and other militants reason to carry on with their attacks.  

2009 Attack and Casualty Statistics for Mosul

Jan. 52/Avg. 1.67/day
Feb. 81/Avg. 2.89/day
Mar. 86/Avg. 2.77/day
Apr. 79/Avg. 2.63/day
May 83/Avg. 3.06/day
Jun. 73/Avg. 2.43/day
Jul. 73/Avg. 2.35/day
Aug. 77/Avg. 2.48/day
Sep. 72/Avg. 2.40/day
Oct. 66/Avg. 2.12/day
Nov. 55/Avg. 1.83/day
Dec. 60/Avg. 1.93/day

Jan. 56/Avg. 1.80/day
Feb. 58/Avg. 2.00/day
Mar. 69/Avg. 2.22/day
Apr. 53/Avg. 1.76/day
May 64/Avg. 2.06/day
Jun. 58/Avg. 1.93/day
Jul. 79/Avg. 2.54/day
Aug. 102/Avg. 3.29/day
Sep. 65/Avg. 2.16/day
Oct. 60/Avg. 1.93/day
Nov. 37/Avg. 1.23/day
Dec. 44/Avg. 1.41/day

Jan. 56/Avg. 1.80/day
Feb. 111/Avg. 3.96/day
Mar. 169/Avg. 5.45/day
Apr. 191/Avg. 6.36/day
May 164/Avg. 4.70/day
Jun. 123/Avg. 4.10/day
Jul. 169/Avg. 5.45/day
Aug. 171/Avg. 5.51/day
Sep. 60/Avg. 2.00/day
Oct. 82/Avg. 2.64/day
Nov. 71/Avg. 2.36/day
Dec. 108/Avg. 3.48/day


1st Half 2008: 57.50/Month, Avg. 1.89/day
2nd Half 2008: 75.33/Month, Avg. 2.45/day
1st Half 2009: 75.66/Month, Avg. 2.50/day
2nd Half 2009: 67.16/Month, Avg. 2.19/day

1st Half 2008: 88.0/Month, Avg. 2.90/day
2nd Half 2008: 80.83/Month, Avg. 2.63/day
1st Half 2009: 59.66/Month, Avg. 1.97/day
2nd Half 2009: 64.50/Month, Avg. 2.10/day

1st Half 2008: 210.0/Month, Avg. 6.92/day
2nd Half 2008: 168.33/Month, Avg. 5.48/day
1st Half 2009: 135.66/Month, Avg. 4.49/day
2nd Half 2009: 110.16/Month, Avg. 3.59/day


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C.H. said...

This is interesting...Mosul is the same size as Ciudad Juarez, a city in Northern Mexico just over the border from Texas. Juarez had over 2,600 murders last year, which is more than Baghdad and Mosul combined, if this report is true. Perhaps it goes to show that the US press should complain about our own security situation here and stop trying to portray Iraq as a failure.

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