Friday, February 3, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 109, Feb 2, 2017

The Iraqi Forces (ISF) were paused for the ninth day in Mosul, but preparing for the up coming battle to free the other half of the city. For the second time, the Iraqi air force dropped millions of flyers over west Mosul. Those included news of the government’s victories in east Mosul, how life was returning there, and how civilians should act during military operations to avoid casualties. General Najim Jabouri told the press that west Mosul would be cleared in two months. He was one of the few Iraqis to talk about how it would be a difficult fight with the narrow streets and large numbers of people, but he was sure the ISF was up to the task after the experience it gained in east Mosul. Finally, the Iraqi and Coalition were both said to be carrying out more air strikes to soften up the Islamic State defenses.

While General Jabouri seemed to be inserting some realism on the coming battle, other sources were still pumping out the government’s propaganda line. Federal Police spokesman Captain Raed Jawdat claimed that the Islamic State was losing control of its forces. Al Sumaria reported that IS didn’t have many forces left and were forced to use women as suicide bombers as a result. So much of this has come out it is impossible to tell what is true or not. The only thing that can be verified is that IS is losing the war and will soon be expelled from Mosul.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a new report over its concerns about the screening process displaced people have to go through in Ninewa. HRW was worried about a Hashd group run by Abdul Rahim al-Shammiri that was taking displaced people from camps that were not on government wanted lists. Shammiri’s Hashd confirmed they were detaining people. HRW felt that they were not a qualified group, and that only the government should be screening people for IS sympathizers.


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