Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Desperation Move By The Sadrists? Update II

Funeral procession for victims of the Hurriya bombing

Voices of Iraq provided some first hand accounts of the Hurriya bombing in Baghdad and a revision of the casualty numbers. Initially, newspapers reported that up to 60 people were killed in the bombing. Voices of Iraq reports that now the number is 42 dead and 87 wounded according to the Iraqi military. The bomb was planted in a cargo truck. One witness said that the explosion was so powerful that the driver’s body was thrown onto a nearby roof. Immediately after the explosion the scene was chaotic with people unable to identify bodies. Buses driving through the area refused to carry the wounded, and a mob formed breaking the windows in protest. One man Qassim al-Mozani lost 11 relatives. They had come to Hurriya for a wedding proposal and all died inside their mini bus. Another family lost four daughters and three grandsons who had come for a family visit.


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