Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Casualties From Bombings In August Already Exceeds July’s Totals

The toll from bombings in Iraq continues to increase. The number of casualties from such attacks half way through August 2009 has already passed the total from July 2009. In that latter month there were a total of 35 mass casualty bombings that resulted in at least ten dead or wounded. 180 were killed and 655 wounded in July, averaging out to 5.8 killed per day and 21.2 wounded. From August 1 to 18 there have been 23 such bombings in Iraq causing 182 deaths, an average of 10.1 per day, and 677 wounded, 37.6 per day. There is not a direct correlation between the number of attacks and overall casualties in Iraq however. In June 2009 for example, there were 14 mass casualty bombings compared to the 35 in July, yet June had more deaths. May only had five fewer attacks than June, but recorded the lowest death figures since the U.S. invasion. The U.S. military has only reported a slight increase in the overall number of security incidents in Iraq, going from an average of 323.0 per month from January to March to 396.7 from April to July, and deaths have fluctuated up and down since the beginning of the year. What is unquantifiable at the moment is the feelings and perceptions of the Iraqi people. The constant reports of attacks could change people’s moods about the security situation in Iraq, and play into the hands of insurgents who are attempting to undermine the current status quo.

Mass Casualty Bombings In Iraq May to August 18, 2009

May 2009
Bombings: 9
Deaths: 111
Wounded: 262

June 2009
Bombings: 14
Deaths: 174
Wounded: 517

July 2009
Bombings: 35
Deaths: 180
Wounded: 655

August 1-18, 2009
Bombings: 23
Deaths: 182
Wounded: 677


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