Monday, August 17, 2009

National Census Cancelled

As reported before, Iraq was set for a national census on October 24, 2009, the first since 1987. That has now been indefinitely postponed because of fears that it will create more tensions in Tamim and Ninewa provinces. The Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology said they proposed holding the census after the January 2010 parliamentary elections in either April or October. It is now up to the cabinet to decide whether the country will go ahead with the census or not. The survey was especially important for Tamim, the home of Kirkuk since it has had no provincial elections, partly over disputes over the voter rolls. Article 140 of the constitution also called for a census before a referendum could be held on the future of Kirkuk.


Reuters, “Citing Tensions, Iraq Abandons Census Plans,” 8/16/09

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