Friday, August 17, 2012

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC VIDEO: Inside Iraq's Killzone - Security Conractors 2007


Anonymous said...

how can I subscribe to your blog so that when you post something new it can be directed my email?

thank you for this interesting blog.

Joel Wing said...

There used to be an RSS feed button you could hit, which would do that, but when I re-did the layout of the site it got dropped. There is still some kind of blog feed however, but I don't know how to sign up for it unfortunately. Perhaps signing up as a "Follower" which is on the right hand side of the site will allow you to get the feed, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

I am following your blog but this does not do that. there is a special gadget that forwards the new posts to subscribers by email. in order to add the gadget you need to go to your blog dashboard > design> add a gadget> choose follow by email gadget.