Friday, August 24, 2012

MIDDLE EAST INSTITUTE VIDEO: U.S.-Iraq Relations After The Withdrawal


Anonymous said...

"الدفاع": أمريكا سبب تخلف القوة الجوية.. السلاح الروسي أفضلالدفاع-أمريكا-سبب-تخلف-القوة-الجوية-السلاح-الروسي-أفضل.html

Joel Wing said...

While Iraqis are probably more familiar with Russian equipment, the problem with buying from them is that they are not as good quality as American equipment, and there's probably more likelihood of corruption in the contracts.

Anonymous said...

This isn’t rocket science to Figure it, this is truth and realty in today "very democratic" Iraq when gang of thieves and corrupted put in power with help of US.

What it is interesting is when US occupied Iraq during lunatic Bremer, all Iraqi Russian military stock was destroyed (off course some looted to neighbouring countries).

Then CPA starts purchasing also Russian we opens and riffles from East Europe countries to build new Iraq forces!!

So the corruption starts from there, isn’t?

I don’t like to add more with those $9.2 Billion, or those Iraqi frozen money inside US or all those money and gold found inside Iraq from tyrant regime Sons and houses also Iraqi central bank.

Don’t not forgot those $80 billion for reconstruction Iraq or those 42 tones of US cash flowing over to Baghdad by C30 airplanes…..

Joel Wing said...

Corruption started under Saddam and continued under the CPA, becuase it badly managed its funds, and then grew when the Iraqis got their sovereignty back.

Destroying weapons wasn't so bad because Iraq had so many of them you could destroy large stocks and still have plenty leftover.

It was Allawi's interim government that got busted for bad arms deals with Eastern European countries with the Defense Minister walking off with millions.

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