Tuesday, October 1, 2013

VOICE OF AMERICA VIDEO: Regional Security Boosts Archeology In Northern Iraq


Steve Donnelly, AICP said...

How do you capitalize the Billions in Iraqi assets in archeology and history-related tourism without peace?

Flying over Iraq in a Blackhawk, the 30 and 50 foot high mounds---evidence of "tells"---are abundant, as are ridges and wall fragments of places lost to the clay sands, and relevant from different climatic environments. Fly over Hatra, or past the Assyrian mounds north of Bayji, and you are looking back in time by thousands of years, and across all major stages of civilization.

In Tikrit, there is a doctor who traced the Christian history and artifacts (as best he could). Still in search of the "Green Church," abandoned when they fled North to Bartola.

One day, perhaps, Iraqis will be able to settle enough differences to bring all of this to full value to the World (and for themselves).

Joel Wing said...

When violence died down after 09 there were more and more stories of archeological work like this across Iraq, especially in the south. With things going in the wrong direction right now security wise I'm not sure how many are still willing to stay in the country.

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