Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Diyala Police Arrested For Alleged Ties to Al Qaeda In Iraq

On May 30, 2010 Al Jazeera interviewed the police chief in Diyala province who complained that too many of his men were recruited quickly, which allowed for insurgents to infiltrate his force. His statements were driven home on June 1 when 30 policemen in Khalis were arrested for involvement in the May 21 bombing of a market there that killed 30 and wounded 80 other people. Nine days later more police officers were arrested in the town of Sadiyah for alleged ties to Al Qaeda. A member of the local security forces claimed that the men admitted to passing along sensitive information to insurgents.

The Diyala police chief is currently trying to weed out the bad elements from his force by doing background checks on all of his men. The improved security situation in the province, which was once a sectarian battlefield between Sunnis and Shiite Arabs, and later had a blow up between the central government and the Kurds over the disputed territories in the governorate, should hopefully allow the local security officials to clean up their act if they are serious about it.


AK News, “Security memers collaborating with insurgents revealed in Diyala,” 6/10/10


Don Cox said...

I wonder what these bad policemen will dso after they lose their jobs?

Joel Wing said...

Well first they're going to be rotting in jail for a long time, unless they're well connected and can bribe their way out.

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