Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Russia Today VIDEO: Trashed In Iraq


Jeremy said...

The logic of the Iraqi MP interviewed in the story was puzzling. The U.S. occupation of Iraq led to all of the country's current problems (including corruption apparently), but despite spending over $50 billion for reconstruction why doesn't the U.S. intervene and do something about the economy. Huh?

Joel Wing said...


The video overall was slanted against the U.S., which gave me a little pause about posting it. At the same time there are Iraqis who blame the U.S. for their problems since Iraq was occupied for so long and they have this image that because the U.S. is so powerful they should've/could've had everything solved long ago. I think a more realistic view of Iraqis today would be that they blame Baghdad for the lack of services, etc.

The importance of the video to me was that it showed the plight of some of the internally displaced who are really struggling.

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