Wednesday, December 28, 2011

VIDEO: Iraq 2011 Ashura - Karbala


Anonymous said...

Fist video they are Iranian group not Iraqis.
The second video looks mixing Hussein tragedy with today political suffering under US/Malik regime. This is very common by Iraqis in using these sermons to up spoken of their dis-pleasure.

"الشعب كلة حصة يريد" ( الحصة التي التي توزع من البطاقة التموينية)

Joel Wing said...

I actually found around ten different videos from this year's Ashura, but just posted the first two because it looked like much of the same thing in each one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I understand your stand which very common between westerns.

Bust as for Iraqis there different views although some objecting all the criticism about Ashura'a and all these sermons, with some acts are very inhuman and un-religious in fact its fake and acting behaviours more to have those behind that to spoiled/ control the public with these matters.

I give you one or most damming behaviours by those religious leaders (Mohammed Mohsen al-Hakeem, remember this is before Ba’ath regime during 1967 Arab Israeli war the government of Iraq sent an official to Najaf asking M. al-Hakeem if could issue fatwa/ order to the people to donate blood which in much need for Iraqi soldiers who injured in that war instead of cutting their heads with knives/ sword and as an sacrifice for Hussein, You know what his answer was Joel?

He refused that call; I leave the rest to you to determine what sort of people you “as American” brought to Iraq and put them in power like Maliki, Jaafri, or Sadder.

Btw, most those videos are Iranian producers/ crated and those songs or wards most of them are Farsi language not Arabic, this is the struggle we had have in Iraq.

If those Iran so passionate about Hussein why they did not make same sermons inside Iran? Or in Qum and other cities?
Why Iranian did not have these inhuman, disgusting sermons while so supportive out board in Lebanon, Iraq, and [Pakistan?
Why Iranians, or Shiites did not speaking about Syrian Baath Party who did not allowed these sermons inside Syria while the accused Iraq regime not allowed them also Iran spoken in same tone?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, you are seeing what you want to see. I can understand Persian but the crowd in the first video are not speaking it, at least not the one spoken by Iranians. Also notice the earing, it is unheard of for an religious Iranian man using eatings. My guess would be Indian or people from areas close to India (Pakistan?).

Your claim that these ceremonies are only by Iranians smell like anti-Iranian sentiments. The ceremonies are wide spread among Shia, and definitely among Iraqi Shia also. I don't understand the relation between other issues like what is going on in Syria and the Ashura videos. You might not like the current Iraqi politicians but any fair person can see that they are much better than Saddam. Do you realy want me to go over his actions? And unlike Saddam who got into power by a coup, the current leaders are elected by Iraqis. They have a lot to learn but at least they are really representing Iraqi will at the time of the election.

The amount of bold in Iranian ceremonies has reduced considerably in recent decades because of fatwas by Iranian scholars that forbid this kind of ceremonies.

You are also mixing unrelated issues. I don't understand how not accepting giving a fatwa to donate bold relates to this. For religious people the ceremonies are not just some event, it is like asking a Muslim to not to go to pilgrimage and do something else. Religious scholars cannot give arbitrary fatwas based on people's will or requests. Requesting from them to ask people to do some good work is fine, asking them to give a fatwa to add things like donating blood to religion is not fine from their perspective and understandably so.

Anonymous said...

الشيعي المزَوّر

This Day In Iraqi History - May 25 Turkey launched 1st raid into Iraq to fight PKK under Iraq-Turkey security agreement

  1918 11 leaders of Najaf revolt executed in Kufa by British