Friday, June 15, 2012

Images Of Iraq's Baghdad, June 2012

A historic house in Baghdad (Getty Images)
Another old stone house in the capital (Getty Images)
A man shopping at the MaxiMall in Azamiya area of Baghdad (AP)
A family shopping at the MaxiMall (AP)
Another shot of the MaxiMall (AP)
The scene of the bombing of the Shiite Endowment in Baghdad, June 5 (AP)
Another shot of the remains of the Shiite Endowment building (AP)
Victims of the June 4 bombing of the Shiite Endowment at a local hospital (Reuters)
A man badly wounded in the bombing (Reuters)
A policeman stands upon the rubble of the Shiite Endowment (AFP)
Picture of fish pedicure salon in Baghdad June 10 (AP)
Women heading for the Imam Kadhim shrine in Baghdad June 10 (Getty Images)
Scene of one of the many bombings that ripped through Baghdad and Iraq on June 13 (Getty Images)
Removing wreckage from a bomb site in Baghdad June 13 (Reuters)
2 men look at the damage to their bedroom done by a bombing in Baghdad's Karrada district June 13 (Getty Images)
Pilgrims being sprayed with water to help relieve the heat as they walk towards the Imam Kadhim shrine June 13 (Reuters)
7 month old Morteda Faleh being placed in a coffin before being sent to be buried in Najaf. Faleh, his mother, father, brother and sister were all killed in a car bombing in Baghdad on June 13 (AP)
Another victim of the June 13 violence being placed on a van to be taken to a Najaf cemetary (AP)
Despite the violence thousands continued to go to the shrine on June 14 (AP)
Suspects in the Vice President Hashemi case being taken to court (Reuters)
Imam Kadhim shrine in Baghdad June 15 (AP)
Another picture of the shrine at dusk (Getty Images)
Pilgrims doing mourning ceremony outside of shrine June 15 (Getty Images)

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