Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scenes From Baghdad, Iraq, May 2012

May 1, 2012, a relative of Colonel Jassim Mohammed Sarkhi, police commander of a Baghdad police station who was arrested on corruption charges. He committed suicide in jail, but his family believes he was killed. (Getty Images)
A new batch of Federal Police march during their graduation ceremony, May 3, 2012 (Getty Images)
Federal Police graduates put on a demonstration of taking a bus during their graduation in Baghdad, May 3 (Getty Images)
More from the Federal Police demonstration (Getty Images)
Traders make calls while looking at board displaying stocks at the Iraqi Stock Exchange, May 10 (Reuters)
An outside theater on Abu Nawas Street, Baghdad showing the documentary "Son of Babylon" May 11 (Reuters)
Men smoking hookah's at Shabandar Cafe, May 12 (Reuters)
Men drinking tea at Shabandar Cafe (Reuters)
More shots of the cafe (Reuters)
Aftermath of a suicide bomber attacking a police checkpoint in Mansour district May13 (AP)
Another scene of the Mansour bomb site (Reuters)
Iraqi men eating Syrian imported watermelon at a stall in Baghdad, May 14, 2012 (Getty Images)
Prison cells at Camp Honor in Baghdad during an arranged tour on May 17 in response to a report by Human Rights Watch that the government was still running secret prisons and abusing inmates (Reuters)
Iraqi Olympian Muhanad Ahmed goes for a swim at the British Embassy in Baghdad as members of the Iraqi team paid a visit to finalize their visas for attending this year's Olympics in London (Getty Images)
Raad Hammoudi (male left) head of Iraq's Olympic Team poses with the British Ambassador to Iraq Michael Aron (standing right) and Iraqi Olympic swimmer Muhanad Ahmed (lower right) in a visit to the British Embassy in Baghdad (Getty Images)

A boy in a hospital after suffering blast wounds from a bomb at Baghdad's Husseiniya pet market May 18 (Reuters)
Friends and family carry a coffin of a person killed in the Husseiniya bombing May 18 (Reuters)
Police checkpoint, May 20 (Getty Images)
Police vehicle at a checkpoint May 20 (Getty Images)
Policeman checking vehicles at a checkpoint using bomb detectors that have been proven to be fakes (Getty Images)
A car being inspected at a checkpoint on Abu Nawas Street, May 23 (Reuters)
Another scene from the Abu Nawas checkpoint, this time with more fake bomb detectors being used (Reuters)
A fake bomb detector "at work" at the Abu Nawas stop (Reuters)
The 5 + 1 meeting underway in Baghdad over Iran's nuclear program, May 23 (AP)
Scene of a mortar attack, Bataween area of capital May 24 (Reuters)
A boy stands at his doorway of his house that was struck by a mortar shell in Bataween central Baghdad May 24 (Getty Images)
A family inspects damages done to their home by a mortar round in Bataween May 24 (Getty Images)
A prisoner being held by the Baghdad Police's Terrorism and Organized Crime Dept. talks with reporters at a media event May 27 (AP)
A police officer tries to muzzle a prisoner from talking to much to journalists at Baghdad Police media event (AP)
Baghdad use to have British double decker buses for its transportation system. These new versions harken back to the past (Reuters)
Passengers paying to get on the bus (Reuters)
Looking for a seat on the bus (Reuters)
Ahmed Izzedien's company was selected as the official distributor of Microsoft products in Iraq (AP)
Map of attacks in Baghdad, May 31
Picture of bombing in Shula area of Baghdad, May 31 (AP)

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