Saturday, October 4, 2014

BBC VIDEO: Is This Iranian The Most Powerful Man In Iraq?


andre said...

Interesting fellow. The degree of Iranian influence is difficult to measure though.

Joel Wing said...

Its huge in Iraq and growing. There are Iranian advisers on the front lines. Iranians are flying the SU-25s. The militias get funded, armed, trained and directed by them. There are also allegedly regular Iranian troops in Iraq as well, not just the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force.

Anonymous said...

Its huge in Iraq and growing.

Very surprising??
There is change in heart and mind for Joel>
I use to highlight this years ago in this site and Joel keep hid stand of denial or refusing to agree on it.

Now he starts talking here about Iran and their inflectional apparatuses inside Iraq.

Dawaa Party was midwifed by Iran Malki, Jaafari, Hakeem, Saddr all Iran thugs in their hearts and minds, they are 2nd face for one coin “KHOMINIE “

President Bush, in an off-camera conversation with us in 2007 said, "That Maliki is a son of a bitch, but we have to deal with him."

Joel Wing said...

Sadr has been an opponent of Iranian influence for a long time and remains so. Why do you think he never sent any fighters to Syria? Maliki had a very mixed relationship with Iran as well. Remember he left Iran in the 1980s when Tehran tried to take over Dawa. The increasing threat of IS led him to open up to Tehran more.

You seem to just be taking a blanket view that all the Shiite parties are pro-Iranian without looking at their complicated relations over the years, and specifically what's been going on security wise in 2014.

Anonymous said...

First before making these accusation about me and misleading readers here about me, you do not know Iraq and Iraqi, you are one of those set in his comfort zone trying teach us what you think with you view which is lack some realities of Iraq.

I have no doubt that you and most of write about Iraq, and you specifically do not know what’s Sunni & Shiite.

Now you “taking a blanket” that me I presume all these parties are pro_iran??

Its not me Joel talk to any Iraq he will tell you man, go do you homework well before throw your “blanket” on me.
Da’awa and other parties there were Iranian in heart and mind this not make up by me their act and their behaviour talking loudly on my voice, but the deaf can hear that.

Anonymous said...

لا أحد يعرف من عينَّ زعيم ميليشيا (بدر) الطائفية هادي العامري، قائدا لما يسمى بـ(جبهة ديالى) يحكم ويتحكم بهذه المحافظة العربية الاصيلة،
Does anyone know of a militia leader named (BRP) sectarian Hadi al-Ameri, the leader of the so-called (Diyala front) governs and controls the maintenance of authentic Arabic,
ويشن حملات ابادة جماعية ضد السنة العرب فيها، وهم الاغلبية الساحقة من سكانها، فلم نسمع عن قرار رسمي صدر بتعيينه، ولا نعرف من سمح له باستخدام آليات وعجلات وجرافات وزارة النقل التي كان يشغلها في مطاردة مواطني المحافظة وقتلهم على الهوية والاسم والمنطقة والعشيرة،
And the mount he campaigns of genocide against the Sunni Arabs and the vast majority of their populations, have not heard about the decision of an official appointment, and not know who allowed him to use the mechanisms and wheels and skid Transport Ministry which was occupied by Chase and kill citizens on the ID, name, region and clan,
وتهديم بيوتهم وتجريف مزارعهم وبساتينهم حتى وصل الامر به الى قطع مياه الشرب والسقي عن اكثر من مليون انسان يعيشون في اقضية المقدادية وبعقوبة وبلدروز ومندلي ونواحي المنصورية والسعدية وكنعان وبهرز وعشرات القرى والقصبات،
The demolition of homes and razing of farms and orchards, even went so far as to cut off irrigation and drinking water for more than 1 million people living in the districts of muqdadiya and Baqubah & Baldruse, Mandali and mansouria, vilgas like Masuriah, Sa’adyiah, Canaan Buohrz and dozens of villages and kasbahs,
كل الذي عرفناه ان هذا الكائن المكروه ارتدى بدلة عسكرية مرقطة وهو الهارب من الخدمة العسكرية كما تكشف ذلك سجلات دائرة تجنيد ناحية خان بني سعد التي كان ينتمي الى احدى قراها (جيزاني الجول) وراح يوزع ميليشاته التي لا تُحسن غير قنص الابرياء في مراكز مدن المحافظة وطرقها الرئيسية .
All we knew the guy wore military uniform the most hated object paintwork and a fugitive been fled Iraq did not served his land and country (if really he is an Iraqi) not listed with Iraqi military service reveal as per recruitment service records on the Khan Bani Saad that belonged to one of the villages (Jizani Al Joule), he went distributes his militias which very skilled sniper to kill innocent in towns and major roads.

Anonymous said...

Sadr has been an opponent of Iranian influence for a long time and remains
To refresh your memory:

The Badr Organization, previously known as the Badr Brigades or Badr Corps, is an Iraqi political party headed by Hadi Al-Amiri. The Badr Brigade was the Iran-officered military wing of the Iran-based Shia Islamic party,

Joel Wing said...

So you're basically saying that only you can cast stones. Whatever.

Joel Wing said...

The Sadrists and Badr are two different organizations.

Anonymous said...

So you're basically saying that only you can cast stones. Whatever.
Did I say?
Very funny just try to divert the discussion
Man be real come on discuss and answer what you know about Iraq fare from High school history teacher?

Joel Wing said...

You post a comment saying I'm all wrong. I respond and then you say I can't talk about Iraq. And now you start with the personal attacks again. I think I'm done with you.

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