Monday, March 6, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 140, Mar 5, 2017

The Iraqi forces (ISF) went back on the offensive after a one day pause. On March 5 there were no operations due to the poor weather. On March 6 the ISF went back to work attacking along two fronts. First, the Federal Police and Rapid Reaction Division continued their push up the Tigris River assaulting the Danadan and Dawas neighborhoods, taking the former. The Golden Division moved up the center of south Mosul into Sumoud, Tal Ruman, Shuhada and Mansour. Danadan, Dawas and Tal Ruman had all been declared freed before. In Tal Ruman, the Islamic State were using civilians as human shields to try to stop the Iraqi advance. U.S. Apache helicopters as well as the mix of Coalition and Iraqi planes were seen overhead. The ISF are still in the tip of south Mosul pushing into the center, but are making steady progress. As usual, the Islamic State is putting up a stiff defense, but it is only a matter of time before it is broken.

National Public Radio visited a field hospital outside of Mosul. There have been much higher casualties than expected. Some Iraqi units have suffered 30% casualty rates. Civilians are taking the brunt of the fighting, and some have died because of the lack of urgent care. The United Nations, aid groups and the Health Ministry have tried to move health facilities closer to the front to tend to better tend to the wounded.

The number of people leaving west Mosul continued to climb. According to the International Organization for Migration 34,420 people have registered with the government and aid agencies. The Displacement Ministry had a much higher figure of more than 57,000. The displaced are being taken to camps south of Mosul, but the camps there are now overflowing, so some are being bused to Irbil. Far more people have been displaced from west Mosul than the east for a number of reasons. There have been a high number of casualties due to the fighting, civilians in the west have lived under deprived conditions with severe shortages of food, water, and services. Finally, thousands of people were taken from southern villages and forced into the city to be used as human shields. Some are still being dragged along with the Islamic State as it retreats to be used for that purpose.

Civilians fleeing towards govt held lines in Mosul (Reuters)


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