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Mosul Campaign Day 147, March 12, 2017

The Iraqi forces (ISF) were pushing inside and outside of Mosul. The Golden Division, Federal Police and Rapid Reaction Division were still attacking the Old City section along the Tigris River. Jadida and Aghawat were freed, the latter was declared liberated on March 10. Fighting was on going in Bab al-Tob as well. To the west of the city the 16th Division took another village, and so did the Hashd in the Badush district.

The ISF think that the Islamic State is almost done. The Golden Division’s General Maan al-Saadi said that the insurgents were losing control of their forces. He speculated it would take less time to take west Mosul compared to the east. So far 17 out of 40 districts had been seized. Some Iraqi sources are including the airport and Ghazlani camp, which are just outside of the city to claim that 50-60% of west Mosul has been liberated so far. No matter what metric is used the Iraqi forces have reached the middle of the city in just three weeks.

The Telegraph and Al Maalomah had stories on how much the fighting has cost west Mosul. The former talked with people who had lost family members in the city. One man had his wife and two daughters killed in an airstrike in the Samoud neighborhood. The Islamic State has been taking over homes as firing positions many times forcing civilians to stay as human shields or the residents have hidden in basements as IS fighters move back and forth through their area, which has led to a high number of casualties. The compact layout of the western section of the city has also made it extremely difficult to take out specific targets especially with indirect fire like mortars and artillery. That has also contributed to a high level of collateral damage. The Ninewa council estimated that 40% of the buildings and infrastructure in west Mosul have been damaged so far.

Destruction in the Dawas neighborhood (Ahmad Mousa)

The number of people fleeing west Mosul is climbing higher and higher. The Displacement Ministry had 12,458 people leaving in 24 hours during the weekend. It counted a total of 99,852 fleeing since the operation started on February 19. That is a much higher figure than the United Nations has quoted. The Iraqi forces were warning of a huge flood of people coming out of the city from March 10-12. That didn’t happen, but there are enough displaced that the camps for them are at the brink of being full.

Thousands of people are leaving west Mosul each day (Rudaw)


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