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Violence In Iraq, March 8-14, 2017

Violence has remained steady in Iraq since the Mosul campaign restarted in the middle of February. Security incidents remained at a low level across the country, with almost all the attacks going on in Ninewa for obvious reasons.

There were a total of 170 incidents from March 8-14, 2017. 104 of those were in Ninewa, followed by 31 in Baghdad, 10 in Anbar, 7 each in Salahaddin and Kirkuk, 5 in Diyala, 3 in Basra, and 1 each in Babil, Dohuk, and Sulaymaniya.

There were 551 deaths and 613 injured during the week. The dead consisted of 1 Peshmerga, 4 Hashd al-Shaabi, 58 members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), and 488 civilians. The injured were made up of 9 Hashd, 40 ISF, and 564 civilians.

Broken down by province there were 459 fatalities in Ninewa, 30 in Salahaddin, 19 in Babil, 18 in Baghdad, 14 in Anbar, 7 in Kirkuk, 2 in Diyala, and 1 each in Basra and Dohuk.

While the number of incidents did not change much in Anbar, the type did. There was one car bomb in Hit, while 11 suicide bombers were killed and 6 car bombs destroyed in two separate incidents. The Islamic State also carried out five attacks upon the security forces mostly in the western section of the province where the militants still hold territory. Usually the insurgents have been more interested in hit and run tactics so these confrontations were a decided escalation from the norm.

In Babil they discovered a new mass grave with 19 bodies in the Fudhiliya area. That was in the northwestern section of the governorate where the Islamic State used to have a major base.

When the Mosul campaign started last year IS started a car bomb campaign in the capital. That ended and for the last two weeks there have been no mass casualty bombings in Baghdad. A suicide bomber was killed, but otherwise attacks there have remained at a low level with a total of 31 leading to 18 dead and 61 wounded. The capital province is now averaging some of the lowest figures seen in several years.

Diyala and Salahaddin have been the two provinces where IS has been rebuilding. Local officials there are constantly complaining that the central government needs to do something about this. There are occasional sweeps through the rural and mountainous areas, but they don’t appear to have had a major effect. Numbers wise violence remains at a low level in both places. Diyala only had 5 incidents and there were just 7 in Salahaddin during the week. Still, there are constant reminders of the insurgents’ return. There are always attempts at mass casualty bombings in Diyala for example, such as the three car bombs discovered and dismantled, and a suicide bomber killed from March 8-14. During that same period there were three clashes with insurgents, three mortar incidents, and two suicide bombers exploded their drives at a wedding party killing 30 and wounding 26.

In Kurdistan a Peshmerga was killed in eastern Dohuk and a reporter’s house was fired upon in Sulaymaniya. The few incidents that usually occur in the region are usually political in nature as these two appear.

Ninewa was obviously the most violent area of the country. There were 104 incidents leading to 459 dead and 480 injured. Since the government is censoring its losses there were only 45 ISF fatalities reported and 11 wounded during the second week of March. Reporting on civilians is slightly better as there is limited access to west Mosul, and hardly anyone is reporting on the east anymore although the United Nations reports there is constant IS shelling in the northeast. Still, the vast majority of casualties are civilians with 414 losing their lives and 469 wounded.

Violence In Iraq 2017
Jan 1-7
Jan 8-14
Jan 15-21
Jan 22-28
Jan 29-31
Feb 1-7
Feb 8-14
Feb 15-21
Feb 22-28
630 + 399
1,386 + 1,634
1,832 + 399
2,458 + 1,634
Mar 1-7
Mar 8-14

Violence By Province Mar 8-14, 2017
10 incidents
14 Killed: 2 Hashd, 12 ISF
33 Wounded: 7 Hashd, 26 ISF
7 Shootings
1 Car Bomb
11 Suicide Bombers Killed
6 Car Bombs Destroyed
1 Incident
19 Killed: 19 Civilians
31 Incidents
18 Killed: 2 Hashd, 16 Civilians
61 Wounded: 2 ISF, 2 Hashd, 57 Civilians
6 Shootings
18 IEDs
1 Sticky Bomb
1 Mortar
1 Suicide Bomber Killed
3 Incidents
1 Killed: 1 Civilian
1 Wounded: 1 ISF
1 Shooting
1 Sound Bomb
1 Grenade
5 Incidents
2 Killed: 2 Civilians
5 Wounded: 5 Civilians
2 Shootings
1 Mortar
1 Suicide Bomber Killed
3 Car Bombs Dismantled
1 Incident
1 Killed: 1 Peshmerga
1 Shooting
7 Incidents
7 Killed: 1 ISF, 6 Civilians
1 Wounded: 1 Civilian
3 Shootings
104 Incidents
459 Killed: 45 ISF, 414 Civilians
480 Wounded: 11 ISF, 469 Civilians
11 Shootings
4 IEDs
1 Car Bomb
13 Mortars
3 Rockets
1 ATM Missile
1 Drone Strike
33 Suicide Bombers killed
2 Suicide Car Bombs Destroyed
105 Car Bombs Destroyed
7 Incidents
30 Killed: 30 Civilians
32 Wounded: 32 Civilians
5 Shootings
2 Suicide Bombers
3 Mortars
1 Incident
1 Shooting


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