Sunday, October 27, 2019

Death Toll Rises As Govt Tries To Break Up Iraq Protests


On the second day of renewed protests the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) made a concerted effort to break up the crowds. They were largely successful as there was little of the vandalism seen the day before. The death toll also continued to rise as a result.

The United Nations and Iraq Human Rights Commission reported more deaths of demonstrators. The first day there were 42 total, 12 in Diwaniya, 9 in Maysan, 9 in Dhi Qar, 8 in Baghdad, 3 in Basra and 1 in Muthanna. By October 26 that total rose to 70 with 15 in Dhi Qar, 14 in Maysan, 12 in Baghdad, 12 in Diwaniya, 7 in Basra, 5 in Basra, 4 in Babil and 1 in Muthanna. The real number could be higher. This was to be expected as the security forces claimed that people were exploiting the protests to destroy property and carry out sabotage. This is the type of rhetoric used to justify further repression.

The back and forth between the crowds and security forces continued into October 26. Baghdad saw the regular routine. First, people spent the night in Tahrir Square. The next day they made another attempt to cross the bridge into the Green Zone, but were turned back. The security forces then attempted to force all the people out of the square using tear gas. In Basra, the same thing happened. The ISF blocked people from approaching the government building in Basra city, broke up protesters, and carried out mass arrests. At the same time, demonstrations spread to Shatt al-Arab in southern Basra. In Nasiriya, the demonstrators went on the offensive burning down the houses of the first deputy governor and governor, and tried to go after an ayatollah and parliamentarian’s residences as well. The MP’s guards fired into the crowd killing three. There was an overnight sit in in Karbala as well. Things were peaceful there during the day as a curfew was in effect like the rest of the south, but at night people went to the Iranian consulate to protest against Tehran’s influence. In Maysan, Muthanna, and Najaf demonstrators were outside the provincial council buildings demanding that the administration resign. In Qadisiya, people tried to do the same, but were dispersed by the security forces. When the demonstrations started at the beginning of October, they quickly dissipate in the face of government violence. After the large number of deaths on October 25, there appeared to be fewer people out, and there was no activity in Babil. The number of people killed and wounded increases the level of frustration, but it also deters people as well. Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi has obviously given the okay to use all means to put an end to these disturbances. It is now a battle of wills over who can sustain themselves longer the street or the administration.


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