Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have Iran’s Summer Attacks Upon American Forces In Iraq Begun?

On July 13, 2010 the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq General Ray Odierno warned about a short-term threat to American forces as they withdraw from Iranian backed Special Groups. He said that Iran and the Shiite militants had always claimed that they were the reason why the Americans were going to leave Iraq, and they wanted to drive that point home by attacking U.S. troops this summer. It appears that those strikes have begun.

There have been a number of attacks in southern Iraq and Baghdad that are the likely work of Special Groups. The first was an explosively formed projectile (EFP) attack on American security contractors in Basra on July 15 that left no injuries. Two days later rockets hit the Green Zone in Baghdad, again with no casualties. On July 19 an improvised explosive device went off in Basra. On July 21 four missiles hit a U.S. base in Kut, Wasit province. The 23rd saw 3 U.S. soldiers wounded in another rocket attack upon a U.S. base in Nasiriyah, the provincial capitol of Dhi Qar. The camp is the center of U.S. operations for southern Iraq. On the 24th more rockets hit Camp Echo in Diwaniya, Qadiisyah governorate. That same day three men were arrested for the Kut attack. Finally, on July 27 three rockets were fired at Basra International Airport where the U.S. has a base.

These attacks have been very small, the casualties low, and the damage minimal. Basically, they are symbolic to let the United States know that Iran and their Special Groups are still around, while the Americans leave. As General Odierno noted, these operations do not represent a threat to the Iraqi government, and are likely only to happen for a short-period as Iran is more concerned about its political influence in Baghdad than the dwindling American presence.


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Nygdan said...

Are they purposely trying to have very low casualties? Because that would make sense, if there were high casualties, then they US might have to react and stay even longer (call their bluff, as it is).

Joel Wing said...

I don't know if it's on purpose, but it's the kinds of attacks Special Groups have been doing for a while now. Also they're the kind where they're less likely to be caught. You can set rockets on timers and then leave. You can be in hiding waiting for a vehicles to pass by, set off the EFP/IED, etc. and then run.

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