Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Iraqis Call For Paul The Octopus To Pick Next Prime Minister

With another week of political deadlock over forming a new Iraqi government, some Iraqis have made the humorous suggestion to have Germany’s Paul the Octopus to decide who should be the country’s next prime minister. Paul is the octopus who successfully predicted the winners in eight World Cup matches including the finals.  He’s probably got just as good a chance as any human to figure out how Iraq’s stalemate is going to end.


Kevin Baxter, “World Cup: Paul the octopus is hanging up his touting tentacles,” The Fabulous Forum, Los Angeles Times, 7/12/10

MEMRI Staff, “Another Week of Political Drifting in Iraq,” MEMRI Blog, 7/12/10

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Joel Wing said...

Ammar Hakim, the head of the Supreme Council even mentioned having Paul the Octopus selecting the next prime minister in this speech he recently gave:


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