Thursday, July 28, 2011

AL JAZEERA VIDEO: Iraq's Al Qaeda Wives


Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I'm disgusted at this type of thing. This brings us back to how they treated Christian Woman who wanted freedom and authority! It wasn't the Christians who did this in the first century but Romans of course. We, Christians never been violent, well excluding the Crusades and the Catholics.

Maury said...

I feel no pity for the first woman in the video. She had a 19 yr. old son with her husband, so her marriage predated the formation of Al Qaida. She wasn't forced into the marriage, and had to be aware of her husband's activities, especially since the son was tagging along with daddy.

It's akin to a serial killer's wife saying....well yeah, I knew he was raping and murdering young women, but I was home minding my own business.

How are you feeling now Joel? When my sister had her gall bladder removed, a whole host of digestive problems went away. I hope you can say the same.

Joel Wing said...

Hi Maury Im about 50%. Slow walking, can't move at all angles. Can't eat much for now. Eventually they said I can go back to regular eating, but should follow a low fat diet, which means avoiding things like fried foods. Before I was getting horrible chest pains about once a month that would keep me up all night, and other food related problems. After that happened for 2 out of 3 nights I finally went to the doctor about it, but ended up having to go to the emergency room in extreme pain where they eventually told me I not only had gall stones but an affected bladder and needed immediate surgery. The surgeon said it was REALLY bad. Luckily I'm on summer vacation so have the time to rest and recuperate before I have to start teaching again. Will probably be a month before everything is back to normal.

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