Friday, February 10, 2012

Iraqi Charcoal Workers

In some parts of Iraq, charcoal is still made by hand. These are pictures of workers outside of Tikrit, the provincial capital of Salahaddin making charcoal. They work around 10 hours per day, and sell their sacks of charcoal for $3 each.

Man prepares a pit for a fire (Reuters)

Workers are laying down wood into the pit to start a fire for making a new batch of charcoal (Reuters)
Men shoveling through the embers (Reuters)
Two workers begin bagging the charcoal (Reuters)
With the process over, and the charcoal bagged, the only thing left is to put it on a truck to bring it to market (Reuters)


Anonymous said...

That's charcoal, not coal.

Charcoal is still made by hand in England and many other places.


Joel Wing said...

DC Thanks for the clarification. The original captions by Reuters said it was coal. I'll change the title, etc.

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