Friday, February 3, 2012

Malls In Iraq's Baghdad

Iraq may have a state-dominated, oil dependent economy, but that doesn't mean Iraqis and foreign investors aren't trying their hand at new private businesses. Below are some images of a new shopping mall that just opened in Baghdad, and another under construction.

The new Maximall in Baghdad, January 2012 (Reuters)
Inside the new mall (Reuters)
Another shot of the interior of the new mall (Reuters)
Another shopping center under construction in Baghdad (Reuters)


amagi said...

Crazy. Any idea what neighborhood that's in? The Green Zone?

Joel Wing said...

The captions to the original photos didn't say.

Muhannad said...

According to Google maps it's in Karrada.

Steve Donnelly, AICP said...

Great to see the pics.

Mall envy is a powerful force.


Joel Wing said...

Thanks Muhannad. I google mapped it as well. It's on Arafat Street by the Swiss Embassy and the Planning Ministry.

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