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Iraq Prime Minister Maliki’s State Of Law Being Shut Out Of New Provincial Governments

Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was hoping that the 2013 provincial elections would pave the way towards him forming a majority government after next year’s parliamentary balloting. Instead, his State of Law list not only lost seats, but its plan to maintain control of southern Iraq and Baghdad is falling apart. At first, State of Law had an agreement with the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) to create ruling coalitions in seven of the twelve provinces that voted in April, but that alliance quickly fell apart. Now ISCI has found a new partner with the Sadrists and they are looking to control seven governorates, shutting out State of Law in the process. This is a dramatic turn of events, and a huge disappointment for the premier who was looking to solidify his hold upon the country.
Hakim (left) and Sadr (right) have formed ruling coalitions in seven provinces including Baghdad that exclude Maliki's State of Law list following the April 2013 provincial elections (Al-Mada)

State of Law was the biggest winner in the 2013 balloting, but its plans to hold onto power have been spoiled. Maliki’s list won in Babil, Baghdad, Basra, Dhi Qar, Karbala, Muthanna, Qadisiyah, and Wasit. Immediately afterward it announced that it had carried out talks with the Supreme Council, and together they would be forming majority governments in those seven governorates. The two could not agree however, and ISCI quickly shifted to a new alliance with the Sadrists, who had been courting them as well since early May. Since then they have gone on to form majority coalitions in the seven provinces that Maliki’s list won. In Baghdad, the two Shiite parties made a deal with Speaker Osama Nujafi’s Mutahidun, with the Sadrists getting the governorship, Mutahidun the head of the council, and ISCI receiving the first deputy council head. In Basra, State of Law fractured with two members defecting over disputes over who would be governor, and joined the ISCI-Sadrist Basra First Coalition. The Badr Organization also jumped ship from Maliki’s list, and was in negotiations with Basra First as well. Ironically, State of Law was talking about forming majority governments after the 2013 balloting. The Supreme Council seemed to want to be more inclusive, and have more lists join in the new local councils. The result was that ISCI went with the Sadrists instead, and created coalitions that excluded Maliki’s party. There was also a bit of political payback involved, because in 2009, the premier’s list shut out ISCI from most of the new governing councils after it had ruled them since 2005.

Prime Minister Maliki’s political plans have faced a major setback after this year’s election. The premier was hoping that not only would he maintain his position in the southern and central provinces, but gain more seats, so that he would not have to rule with so many other parties. This was part of his larger strategy to create a majority national government, which would give him greater leeway passing laws and ruling the country. Now all that is threatened after his erstwhile allies the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and the Sadrists have joined together, and taken over the south and Baghdad at Maliki’s expense. Both have worked with State of Law in the past, but would like to supersede it as the dominant Shiite party in Iraq. They are not there yet, but they have learned that Maliki has chinks in his armor that they can take advantage of.


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