Thursday, July 17, 2014

Islamic State Carries Out Intimidation Campaign Destroying Homes And Kidnapping And Murdering People In Northern Iraq

Since the Islamic State (IS) swept through northern Iraq in early June 2014 it has started a two-pronged strategy to govern the millions of people that have come under its control. While carrying out a hearts and mind campaign in large cities like Mosul it has also set about threatening and intimidating the population especially in the rural areas. This has led to the destruction of hundreds of homes, over one hundred kidnappings, and dozens of reported executions.

The Islamic State (IS) has used violence to maintain and expand its hold over northern Iraq. In contested areas along the front lines with the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) the Islamic State has proven ruthless and bloodthirsty. On July 7, 2014 for instance, the group tried to take the town of Ziwiya in Salahaddin. The locals resisted and ran the insurgents off. The next day the IS renewed its attack and killed 50 villagers. Now firmly in control it went about destroying 25 houses in the town using explosives on July 9. A similar situation occurred in Azwip, Salahaddin. July 9 insurgents moved into the town and executed 15 people, and then set about leveling the entire place. In two days some 300 homes were said to have been blown up. There have also been cases of mass kidnappings such as on July 2 when 30 Shabak were taken away in Omar Kan, Ninewa. Executions have taken place as well. On July 3 40 Turkmen were killed in Bashir, Kirkuk by IS, and July 14 10 bodies were found in Kokjla, Ninewa west of Mosul. In places more under its control there have been similar acts as well. July 10 15 people were carted in away in Mosul, and another six on July 11. In aggregate numbers, 348 houses have been destroyed in Salahaddin since the beginning of July, 24 in Ninewa, and 20 in Kirkuk. 33 of those belonged to police, which has been a long-standing tactic to intimidate the security forces. This month another 72 people in Ninewa, 46 in Salahaddin, and 1 in Kirkuk have been kidnapped, and 40 executed in Kirkuk, 15 in Salahaddin, and 10 in Ninewa by the Islamic State.

All together these policies show how the Islamic State will run northern Iraq. While it does have programs meant to reach out to the public like offering to pay public employees in Mosul, it also hopes to rule with an iron first. Where it comes up against the security forces it will be even harsher as it wants to win territory and will cajole and threaten those that stand in its way like what happened in the towns of Ziwiya and Azwip in Salahaddin. As time wears on it is likely that more people will be taken away in places like Mosul as well as it imposes itself more and more upon the population. This will show Iraqis exactly what it means to be under the new Caliphate.


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Your post is full of lies and people from Mosul say the opposite of what you say .. people of Mosul love the Islamic state , the sources you based your post on are sites that are launching a propaganda to spread lies about the islamic state and make people hate it .why don't you take the news from the Islamic state 's official accounts why don't you say that the Islamic state give Oil for free to the civilians and thet help the needy with food and Alms?

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