Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Iraq Improves On Corruption Index

Transparency International just released its
Corruption Perceptions Index for 2023. Iraq’s score remained the same for the third straight year even as it moved up in overall rank amongst nations.


Since 2021 Iraq has scored 23 out of 100 by Transparency International. 2023 was no different.


The group looks at a number of factors with 0 being the worst and 100 the best. 2/3 of the countries in the Index scored below 50 with the global average being 43. Iraq was far below both those marks which has been the case for years now.


Iraq actually moved up in overall ranking despite getting the same score. In 2022 it was 157 out of 180 nations. In 2023 it moved up to 154 out of 180. That was only because some countries moved down the list.


Within the Middle East Iraq was the fourth most corrupt country. First was Syria with a score of 13, Yemen with a score of 16, Libya with a score of 18 and then Iraq with 23. The United Arab Emirates, Israel and Qatar had the best scores in the region.


After 2003 the new ruling parties institutionalized their corruption making it an integral part of their rule. That means every year there are new corruption scandals with few people punished. That’s the reason why Iraq does so badly on these indexes.


Iraq’s Scores On Corruption Perceptions Index

2023 Score 23

2022 Score 23

2021 Score 23

2020 Score 21

2019 Score 20

2018 Score 18

2017 Score 18

2016 Score 17

2015 Score 16


Middle East Countries Ranked On Corruption Perceptions Index

Syria #177, score 13

Yemen #176, score 16

Libya #170, score 18

Iraq #154, score 23

Lebanon #149, score 24

Iran #149, score 24

Egypt #108, score 35

Algeria #104, score 36

Morocco #97, score 38

Tunisia #87, score 40

Bahrain #76, score 42

Oman #70, score 43

Kuwait #63, score 46

Jordan #63, score 46

Qatar #40, score 58

Israel #33, score 62

UAE #26, score 68




Transparency International, “Corruption Perceptions Index,” February 2023



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