Friday, October 7, 2016

Anbar’s Governor Remains In Office Despite Dismissal

Anbar’s governor was dismissed for a second time in four months, but remains in office. In June, members of the Anbar council voted out Governor Suhaib al-Rawi charging him with corruption. A month later, the courts threw out Rawi’s dismissal. That didn’t stop his opponents however. In July and August they wanted to question him about accusations against him. He didn’t show up for either session, which led the council to vote him out a second time at the end of August. Governor Rawi disputed the vote once again, saying it was illegal. The case is back to the courts once again, and Rawi is still in power and going about his duties.

This is all part of a larger struggle for control of Anbar. The governor is from the Iraqi Islamic Party, which has ruled the province since 2005. Several tribal sheikhs and the Sunni Endowment oppose it. Now that the governorate is being freed from the insurgents these political struggles are coming to the fore. So far, the Islamic Party has been able to out maneuver its rivals, but the governorship shows that the battle is far from over. 


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