Friday, February 1, 2019

Iraq Ranked 12th Most Corrupt State In Transparency International Survey

The anti-graft group Transparency International released its annual international survey, and Iraq once again did poorly. It was tied for 12th most corrupt country in the world along with Venezuela. It received a score of 18 out of 100. The lower the score the bigger the problem corruption posed. Within the Middle East Iraq was fourth from the bottom with only Syria, Yemen, and Libya doing worse.

Most Corrupt Countries
1. Somalia
2. Syria
2. South Sudan
4. Yemen
4. North Korea
6. Sudan
6. Guinea Bissau
6. Equatorial Guinea
6. Afghanistan
10. Libya
10. Burundi
12. Venezuela
12. Iraq
13. Congo
13. Chad
13. Angola

Transparency ranked 180 countries based upon perceived levels of corruption. Each nation was given a score of 0-100 with the higher the number, the better the country did in countering corruption. The Middle East and North Africa did poorly once again. It averaged 39 with nearly every country struggling with graft. Transparency noted that it undermined governments and challenged the few democracies in the region.

Middle East-North Africa Rankings
Syria Score 13, Ranked 178
Yemen Score 14, Ranked 176
Libya Score 17 Ranked 170
Iraq Score 18, Ranked 168
Iran Score 28, Ranked 138
Egypt Score 35, Ranked 105
Algeria Score 35, Ranked 105
Kuwait Score 41, Ranked 78
Tunisia Score 43, Ranked 73
Morocco Score 43, Ranked 73
Saudi Arabia Score 49, Ranked 58
Jordan Score 49, Ranked 58
Oman Score 52, Ranked 53
Israel Score 61, Ranked 34
Qatar Score 62, Ranked 33
UAE Score 70, Ranked 23

The one positive is that Iraq has moved from the very bottom to near the bottom on Transparency’s index. Right after the 2003 invasion Iraq was like a free for all with Iraqis and Americans stealing left and right. Since then graft and bribery have been institutionalized and become part of governance. The political parties take from the state to maintain their patronage networks and enrich themselves. With those at the top depending upon corruption to rule there is no serious effort to stop it despite nearly annual announcements by prime ministers that they will tackle the issue.


Transparency International, “Corruption Perceptions Index 2018,” January 2019

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