Monday, December 12, 2016

Mosul Campaign Day 56, Dec 11, 2016

On December 10 the Golden Division announced it freed one more neighborhood of east Mosul. That was a total of five for the day although half of those had been gone through already. On December 11 the Golden Division freed one new area and attacked another, which had been liberated before. The Iraqi forces are now far enough into the city that they were able to shell the western half for the first time. Some neighborhoods continue to switch hands but the Iraqi forces are still pushing forward almost every day.

In Hamam al-Alil south of Mosul the Federal Police captured Islamic State fighters dressed in police uniforms and driving Humvees. There were apparently trying to steal transformers to be brought back to Mosul for the city’s power network.

The U.S. Coalition knocked out the Old Bridge across the Tigris River in the center of Mosul. That means all five bridges that span the city have now been damaged or destroyed. The Americans are trying to limit the Islamic State’s ability to traverse the two sides of the city and cut off its supplies and evacuation from the east where all the fighting is to the west.

The Hashd were still busy around Tal Afar and clearing areas in the south. In the west the Hashd liberated 8 villages in the Tal Afar district. In a town to the south of Mosul the Hashd and security forces found 15 bodies in a well believed to have been executed by the militants.


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